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Owner and CEO- Papillion LLC and Passion Forward Coaching

 Mikel is a Certified Life Coach + Dating &
 Relationship Coach based just outside of Washington DC.

She's been fortunate to work with thousands of women around the world in the 2+ years since her journey began.

"I love of helping women find
 balance and communicate 
 more authentically to ensure
 their needs are met. Also,
 to help them identify the
 RIGHT Partner to achieve
 their personal relationship goals."

It's a Jungle out there!!

But Mikel is very committed to helping all of her clients "Out of the Woods" so they can focus on making  memories with the people they love!

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Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker believes that to question, to inquire, to seek understanding is a core part of what it means to be human. Whether it’s at home or away on a retreat, they are always inspired by the experiences of life.



Adriana Steel is a Wellness Coach and licensed Massage Therapist operating out of the Washington DC/Metropolitan Area, where she has lived for many years. The conviction of Adri, is that the core of a healthy person is the wellbeing of their body, mind and soul. This is their focus in life and what motivates them every day. Adri helps clients improve that focus and challenges them to live in more inspired ways!

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Owner- Christina Kaysone Photography

Christina has been a professional photographer for 5 years now and photography became her lifestyle when she was just in 6th grade. Her 12th birthday gift was her first camera given to her and her life changed since then. Christina photographs a variety of genres including families, boudoir, portraits, street, weddings, and more! The emotions, comfortability, and passion are shown within her photos. She also loves to read, game, create music, dance, and is a coffee addict!

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