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Testimonials: Testimonials

You can tell she has a gift for this kind of thing. Highly recommended.

James L.

Mikel has been a gift from the heavens! Following my divorce I was caught up in masculine energy, and I reached out to Mikel to help me find that soft space that I knew I had in my heart.

Famke G.

Mikel is the most amazing love coach that I have worked with. She provides advice that is not only practical but creative. I absolutely love her coaching and would advise anyone seeking for a meaningful relationship to horse only the best. She’s the best.

Wanda A.

Mikel is a very caring professional person. She is brilliant at breaking things down and organizing and structuring concepts. She always follows up and has a very caring compassionate personality. She has great follow through and always does what she say she’s going to do.

Luisa D.

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